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February 26, 2009

Life As A Student, Sucks Man..

its sucks still comparing my life now n last 2 year completely after spm n life being a student again.well, no wonder some of us take drugs or smoke.not an excuse for permission but it is really hard though.before this, my life is so damn simple n relaxing.i woke up early(7 sumthing, part of life that i hate so damn much) go to work, playing around jiggling around at workplace n then punch out at 6 then life real life as teen begin.shoping spree, hang out at mamak, movie marathon, even sometime enter club(i dun rewally like it though), kareoke, gigs-ing n many more.end of month, id get my paycheck, happiest day of my life man.its heaven.then again shoping spree, completing my t-shirts collection.the hardest part of that life is only being scolded by my mum for few times n life as a bartender tensed my out.dats all.nothing more.its precious moment.but now, im broke, study-a-holic, assignmnet finishers, n many more dude.i dun even had time to clean up my room everyday like i used too.well, its suck not a kinda person who study a lot, my hobby is enjoying life.but now, life offer me books, papers, n notes.thats the best i could get.well, sometime we hang out n lepak-ing only if we had bucks.if dun, cuci mata ja kat fudcourt.peh! is this my life? wow! campus life isnt that sweet man, series.for all the people out there who are kindalike me, u guys gonna have a tough time surviving here.aku respek jake.he got a ball.he quit campus life n live out his dream, becoming a chef.learning in the street, experiencing life as i should.well, nothing against campus, but i prefer being on the street.its not that campus life is worst or whatsnot but it juts that i dun fit in. i belong in the jungle not zoo.i'll feed my self not being provider.well, what cna i say, life aint sweet but i am who i am.its just not me.

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not my story said...

basicly,if u know how to have fun with what u have now,u wont feel that SUCK of life being a student.. just think that this is one of the way to gain experience and well enjoy it..
chill ar babe.. setahun setengah je lagi..

aCe+ said...

saf- setaun g? mummy i awai2 dah pesan kot.jgn stop dip ja further degree.sampai degree ntt fullstop, xmau dah further cukup kot takat degree.xlarat doh den nk pogang buku oi! he3

not my story said...

degree amik ar tempat like mencabar sikit kat shah alam ke..mana tau kat sini u rasa boring but when u tukar campus lagi best ke.. ala..u pejam celik pejam celik sure tgk dah nak habis da study..hahahaha

aCe+ said...

2r.maybe r kan.we'll see then

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