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February 25, 2009


yes! at last my knuckles babe, my besties in the world, my shoulder to shout to, safena isfazura had enter the cool,cruel,cute world of blogs. welcome babe! its okay, u dun have to post an entry bout ur life ur anything related bout u, u can just post ur thought bout anything.its better that way pasni xpyh komen kat shoutmix dah ek, comment straight truih kat post orait? welcome babe!! to all blogger, better watch out, saf is here!!

p/s- hah kpd sesapa yg asyik tertanya2 sapa dia safena isfazura yg namanya acapkali timbul tenggelam dlm blog aku, org yg kena scandal ngn aku, hah usha r tgk blog dia
link dia. chow!!

6 Spits On My Face:

not my story said...

haha..chet! habis u publish kat sume org..
i tot of to keep it low at first
but then u dah post out
haha..but nevermine..
after all now i can explain to everyone pulak da about we as a bestfren n not more as what they think it is..=)

Dearie Pearls said...

Sweet jer aCe+..

aCe+ said...

saf- oh yeah! i REALLY explain huh? 2 post just bout me huh? peh! bangga siot! ahaks

aCe+ said... la beshfren i kat campus.

not my story said...

"fuyooo sweettt"
haha..giler ar..
we sweet?
saf say this: YES WE ARE!!!

aCe+ said...

saf- kita mmg sweet.

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