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January 5, 2009

Sin Of the Father-Wooden Stick Story

why should the kids pay the debts of the folks?
the shame, the backstabbed the curse of the family?
its not fair for us..the one who got the blame..
who got left out alone, trying to search the that mean time, after this afterword choas, the burden come stopping by n drop a massive shithole on our shoulder?
how, how can i survive this world on my own along with all this stuff i have to settle, the sins of the wrongdoing that i have nothing to do with it, still im the one who paying for it..
ya, as folr ur dyingwish goes, for god sake i dunno its THAT true.
u siad u take a good care of myself, i never thought u really mean it cuz u guys left a lot of mess that i need to clean it up..
thank god, my will is strong..strong not as a solid rock that crash anything piece of cake, butstrong only as a wooden stick..not to strong, easily been break, but still can hurt or bleed somebody out..thats me.. the wooden stick..not a favorite weapon of choice but still at any cause, it may come handy.that me..

p/s- dedicated to one of my fren who is having aharsh time in his/her life...wish him.her a gud here for u if u need anything dude/babe..

3 Spits On My Face:

fara aqma ghani said...

waw,a word of a true fren. hihi.

aCe+ said...

he3..well, thats me..bro's b4 ho's

Anonymous said...

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