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January 7, 2009

Love-Money Or Feeling?

someone once ask me bout this, n seriesly by that time i dunno how to answer it..oh god, i still blur if this question is pointing rite to me.. i mean are the thing that we call love, all the lovey dovey, mushy2 romantic stuff is true love or we are just pretending to love that person cuz of something else? money n all the gadgets that he/her own.maybe, cuz of the intel? well, how maybe person that will always say dat their life partner is smart.. most of them i would say..rite? maybe thats what love really if..we feel attracted to someone cuz of someting boutthem..their appearance maybe..shes look cute, pretty, he look handsome or look like Mr.Body six-pack chest..or welath..yup..this is the main attraction to anyone, boys or girls..dun lie.cmon..azam awai2 dah ngaku yg dia kapel ngn Roban sebab duit, at the first time..skrg dia dah mula appreciate ckit kowt Roban tu..ha3..(Roban beli Sandal Bonia siot kat bro aku tu.peh..pastu siap mail lg kat campus all the way dr shah Alam)..gud for u bro, u nailed it!!well, who can tell me now what love is actually?

8 Spits On My Face:

Ajeem said... complicated..there is more questions about this topic..we need money and feeling in our life but the 'key' is 'controlling'.if u can't control ur feeling or money,it will damage ur life...

aCe+ said...

totally agree.juts lke management.control is the main key of success.same goes to relation

Dearie Pearls said...

LOVE is hanya PERASAAN..
LOVE menggembirakan jugak menyakitkan..


aCe+ said...

LostOfLove-LOVE is unpredictable.tol x? u pny nama pun lotsoflove kan.musti r expert bab2 love ni.ha3

nadhirah said...

hurmm.. i prefer money dari cinta. that was real me..

aCe+ said...

nadhsamuel- honest answer.gud2

nadhirah said...

terlalu honest dekat public ..i am afraid if akan ruinkan masa depan kite..hoho

aCe+ said...

nadhsamuel-xap.sesetgh laki suka pmpn yg honest

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