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January 7, 2009

Bro's Before Ho's

well im not exactly agree with the quo cuz i think bor's n ho's should be treat equally, rite saf? i mean cmon we need both party rite.. we need ur love to be there by ur side everytime we felt down or life push us too much but sometimes ur we choose to speak with ur bro's cuz the things is kinda disgusting or impropriate to talk with a, equal..share n square.. but sometimes(all the time..saja nk cover xmau suma bg terasa) ur bro's(utk yg girls skali..) often put their ho's first n left ur bro's hanging by he moment..kinda sucks huh? i felt that all the time.thanks to all dudes/babes that will always treat us(their frens) this way.. ala kalau mcm xjdk kluaq ngn kita utk hang out sbb girl ajak dating xkesah r.kitorang pun ambik hati..even kalau spent more time with ur girl then us pun still no hard feeling sbb kami suma pun penah bercinta, we know how it feel, to love n be kalau sitausi(sambul layan lagu Sitausi-Bunkface ni) dimana kawan mintak tolong sbb matter of life n death(literally) pun still xble nk tolong just because nak tolong girl ko wat homework or sbb girl ko demam yg ala2 manja ngada2 saja attention,please r..jgn sbb girl u loose all of ur frens..kami pun xmintak lebih, cuma time yg diperlukan tu please r be there..xkan baru nk mai time mamt tu dah nk time kebumikan kot..ntah2 still xmai cuz banging ur girl.. rite? emo? hell fucking yeah im freaking pissed off asshole..bkn aku bru kenai ang setgh jam(statement dr rizal) dah lama dah we noe who u really r..bises, if its not cuz of us, u wont ven have a lips to kiss, a shoulder to gedik2 with, a warm girlie hand to hold, even a hole to please appreciate it, no APPRECIATE US!!! dun wait till we fucked up cant take it anymore n we choose to kick u out fro the team..we dun wanna do that, ur mmebership still havent reach its expiry date..n for god noe, u dun wann aloose ur either.. we r not some ditchable prom date ok.we r ur bro's.the only clan that willing to accept u..(mcm menyimpang masuk cita len dah ni)..ok2 dah r tu.

p/s- sorry r lately mmg byk ckit entry aku piss out pny story,,xplan pun tp benda dah nk jdk nk wat cmna..byk sgt benda yg menyakitkan hati jdk lately..shit! i hate this new semester..

fuck in, rock out!

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