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January 9, 2009

Long Distance Relation-The Sequel

Fatin Syafira once wrote bout long distance relation.all the misses, all the i want u rite beside me n all the lovey duvvy stuff.n to be honest, i totally agree with last crash-n-burn relation will prove it..we have been a great couple when we started dating which is in my first sem break(bout few week), we hang a lot, we see each other often, we spent our time to gether2, we hold ur hand everyday, sometimes i even stalk her during midnite just to feel her presence.ya i do it in relation cuz i really love her..but after i started my second semester our relation pretty went kinda busy with my life here, so was her.n maxis fucking stupid coverage play its big role in our fragile relation.FUCK MAXIS!! eventhough im just from penang, but im not the type of guy who alway go home every weeks but i did tried to go home more often juts to be with her.but that doesnt help..ya, ur love is still fresh when im already come bac k here in my campus, i she kinda girl that dont take relation seriously n so was, its not really the distance playing its part, but us,still, the main reason our love got flushed straight down the toilet is because of the, i do think long distance realation will never some couple it may seem impossible but for a new born relation, dun challenge it that way, its gonna kill it..eve for a strong rwlation ist gonna get hit by, mark my word, if u wanna try long distance, make sure to keep the fire alive..or sacrifice something, mostly ur money.take one my my frens as an example.Jamal.his girl is in shah alam..u noe what he did? he ride on a bus every two weeks to shah alam just to be with his girl.yup.he did it.n asa its result, their relation still have a shot to survive.some of us, boys, think that he is crazy cuz wasting his money for all the trip but as for me , i think jamal is doing the right think..he dun wanna loose his baby girl so he gotta do what he gotta do.[well of cos some part of me still thought that jamal was stupid cuz he's the only one that trying to keep the sparks flame on].my piint is, both party have to play their part.both party need to try to make it out, lovely-ly.bak kata pepatah, bertepuk sebelah tangan xkan bebrunyi kan, tol x? for the guys, or maybe girls that trying to serach for TRUE LOVE n so on, which is still trying to search pleae dun search too far..serach in the short distance of urs.everything is not asa it seem.sometimes ur true love is juts right in front of ur eyes, it just sometimes slipped out of ur eyesight. that what i thought.

Peace In, Rox Out!

6 Spits On My Face:

Anonymous said...

it's all about give and take.
that's all i can say.

ur post is very inspiring hunny.. +)

aCe+ said...

inspiring? thanx..hahaha.glad i can help

hannah joe said...

tp xmnjdi.
for exmple..
masa start sem..
bleh ar everyday..
dah cuti sem.
makin tawar...
itu cuma story 1.

cuma yg paling penting dlm long distance nih..
saling percaya..
dan pegang pada kepercayaan yg psgn bg tu.
and one more..
sacrifice sket.

aCe+ said...

hannah joe- is important in relation xkira dekat @ jauh.dekat pun kena ada trust ni kn plak yg jauh.

Dearie Pearls said...

Saling mempercayai and SETIA pada yang satu..
No jeles buta ar.. huhu..

aCe+ said...

rekha- betul tu, tp bg freshie, bg yg bru bercinta jgn la try long distance..sbb kepercayaan tu masih blum kukuh

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