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October 21, 2008

wish me luck on my muet today..

skrang nih bru pukui 6.30 pagi.. no!!! aku bkn xtido2 lg aku dah tidoq, believe it or not aku tidoq pukui 10.30 smlm n aku bru jew bgn.. xtaw pasai pa ble bgn awai plak maybe sebab aku tdoq awai kot smlm tu r pasai.well gud 4 me..

today its a big day..

wish me luck ok..

im aiming 4 band 5..


i said it!!!!

band 5!!

maybe sebab Boy gitaw aku smlm yg Mazliza dapat band 5 utk muet dia sbb tuh tiba2 aku pn ras tercabar.. well if she can do it, so can i.. tp tuh suma rezeki r kan.. kalu dapat band 4 pn dah kira ok dah.. i just need 2 improve my essay a lil bit-less grammar mistakes, more2 unique ideas, well organization n DONT FORGET DA TOPIC listening test, i just need to focus.. i must focus.. speaking-which is today, i just need to calm down n talk slowly.. no need to no mistakes.. fight for my point, support some of the other candidates n just do it..

i think i can do it..
i just need a lil faith..

go aCe go!!!!
u can do it...

2 Spits On My Face:

Juwita said...

Good luck.

aCe+ said...

thanx sarah

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