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October 20, 2008

The Shape of Things To Come..

hm.. wat can i say..
2 days from now(1 and half to b exact) i will have my muet exam..
one week from now my final exam will start...

guess wat?

i not really ready yet..
well to tell the truth my ready can be defined as 60% of effort n preparation..wlaway be..
but this time im not even dat close..

what the hell im doing??

i should be studying.. im suCk in accounting n Eco but i still care less bout it..

do i wanna repeat both of dat paper?

hell no..

so wat da hell im doing rite now?

blogging, just finish lost season 3 n i will continue season 4 2morrow(eventhough this will be my third watching them)...

i have my eco quiz 2morrow on Oligopoly... stil im not holding eco's book on my hand instead im typing this damn blog.....

what da hell im doing?

do i wanna get my ass kick out of here?

hell no...

so wat am i doing ??

i dunno..

maybe my spirit is flied away..

away from my heart..

the spirit dat always keep me going on my study..
the spirit dat always hold me on...
the spirit dat always make be believe dat im good at it..
the spirit dat always make my luck n survive this academic world..
the spirit dat alway hold my anger down..
where is the spirit?
where the hell is it?

without it im nothing..
a fake..
an asshole....
a pretender..

maybe dis is not wat i should..
maybe i should further my study..
maybe i should just continue working at Swenz Kopitiam
the one thing im actually good at..
waybe dis is all wrong..
maybe i make a mistake..
maybe im da one who wrong..

i dunno..

i wish i know..

2 Spits On My Face:

Juwita said...

semangat kalau hilang,
boleh di cari.
dah cari belum?

aCe+ said...

thanx..dah carik dah.he2

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