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He Walk Among Us, But He's Not One Of Us

October 25, 2008


Farah diba as requested, here it is.. a poem entitled Blind.. hope u like it and understand it..


Sometimes we can’t really see what in front of us
Or maybe we choose to disregard it because it maybe lust
A desire that just want to bother our feeling
And we will end up confusing
Mystify and puzzled between lies and love
But yet, think about it, maybe that’s what we deserve

Acquisitive is that, what we are?
Wealth seduction takes us till this far
Shade us from the truth and the real thing
Make us be a part of this awful jinx
Maybe it’s not ignorance that takes us near
Maybe we want to be because the end is here

We are blind because we can’t really see
We are blind because we choose to be
We are blind for many reasons
We are blind because we don’t want to learned
We are blind and we are faked
We are blind and keep repeating the same old mistakes
We are blind and we refused to play it nice
We are blind and now we are paying the price
We are blind until we open up our eyes
See it all that it’s just a lies
That we are living in full fantasy
Blindness will lighten until we face the reality..

So open up our eyes and stand on solid ground
Don’t be an Ass or and loyal hounds
We can live up and make our own luck
Whom which taunt us, just rise your middle finger, and say FUCK..

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