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June 16, 2010

Fuck You Chuck Bartowski

in Chuck Season 2 finale chuck said that,

"Follow Your Heart, You Mind Is Only Gonna Mess Everything up"..

well in my case, i am messed up as i am right now because i follow my heart n silenced my brain.
well, its true ur mind going mess everything up esspecially when i come down to pleasing our heart. it is cuz mind is moving n calculating every damn possibility while heart only time, follow the voice in ur head aCe+, not ur heart. chuck bartowski is wrong

"Follow Your Mind, Your Heart is Only Gonna Mess Everything Up"

p/s- i wanna be like before when i am aCe+ not Adam Ar-Rashid. aCe+ is the idea of being free, Adam Ar-Rashid is the real deal. i guess i wanna runaway from who i am. thats the whole idea of aCe+

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