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September 12, 2009

Fuck M

It’s all started with a lil’ confession
What in the world will it ever lead to love?
Stupidity blind the true feeling
Maybe it’s not worth it once I thought
I slipped it away fighting for the chance
Proving myself to one who won’t give a damn
Giving it all hearts still paying the price

Aren’t you sweet my lil princess?
Gets all the attention reflect of my image
A reputation takes a lifetime to build, crash and burn
Still that not the main concerns
What you do care?
It’s not you who been laugh at
It’s me, the dumbest ever
A badass with no brains
Yeah, that is me
Putting a big fake smile to the world
Let them see me laughing, joking, and smiling
The pain won’t be seen
Sure it won’t, don’t you worry about it
But the heart is dying
Dead and dry

Another try maybe?
No, I had enough
At least for now
But the world will be stop seeing me
That’s an oath
Wake up Adam
There’s plenty fish in the sea
Sure you can catch one
Once your “rebuild-your-heart” projects it done

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