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September 7, 2009

Is It Just Me, Or The World Is Stop Spinning?

Im just blanked. i realised the major changes about myself but i just sit back n do nothing. this semester is my fourth semester, 2 more to go till i grad as diploma holder, but im not behaving or even acting to be as a diploma student. what teh hell man? yes i not, im not a very hardworking type but stil, i try to push myself to the extend where i thought i can handle. obviously, i cant. im just the sam eold aCe+ who skip skool, skip tuition, prepared not even 40% to face the big dman, whats else? what else do u want to fuck up about ur self? maybe i am making a wrong decision by taking this diploma shits. maybe i should just follow my heart back then, i am doing so damn well in the working reality check business. at least i am standing on my own feet n survive on my own. but now, what the hell? i vene have to call my mum for money to buy some big ass book which i noe im not gonna read whats the point of being a student then? plus, what do i'd done here as a student? study? ha3. impossible. enjoying? yes! hanging out? yes! wasting my student loan money? yes! killing my brain cell? yes! so what the hell? maybe CHUCK was right after all. "follow your heart, your brain just gonna screw everything up.". yes, i totally agree with chuck statement. yes, just follow our heart though, our smart brain just gonna come out with a lot of solution, a lot of stats figure to mess around the situation, so just follow your heart, cuz there is where the love. i just hope is still not too late for me to turn around nad make everything rite. but though, i dunno what i want. till then, i just gonna follow the flow and sit tight. for now, im just waiting for the moment n i am living for the moment

4 Spits On My Face:

not my story said...

well as your buddy, think back babe.
not everything that you do now seems to be a wrong path for you.
u can take that chuck statement but in this matter having this goddamn diploma is not a waste.
by right u gain something out of all this and you get to feel the U life and yet u gain experience and know something about politics aite?

hey think back, u pun kata u nak jadi lawyer in the future?
haha.. so get your lazy ass and walk to class. muahahahah

Syhd 7 said...

ya btul apa yg d katakan saf..
ak support!!

aCe+ said...

saf-my lazy ass? y dun u help me carry this goddamn big bumps? ha3.

aCe+ said...

+aspirin- budad uitm kedah gak ke?

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