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September 10, 2009

The Proposal

wow! believe me or not, i did popped out the question. seriesly! im not kidding around.suprisingly, she said yes! guess what, i do have a wife in the waiting man! ahaks. wait2! does that make that i have a fiancee now? wow! wanna know how i propose? here how it goes.

"Ms. SIBHI, will do do me the honor of being my back up wife?"

n she answered

"yes! i do!"

what a sec. what is back up wife u might ask. well, i n her make a deal if in the future 28 years from now to be exact, when i turn 39 n she turn 40, if i still single n looking, n shes the same, we will tight the knot with each other. well it not a lost cause. it just sort of a back up plan. well, i mena if im already 39, theres be nothing left for me, all my friend probably already married, im to old for be doing all the craps im been doing now so i better make a back up plan for that rite so thats how the deal was make. n she agreed! we shook hand. so now, i dun hav eto worried about the future if only still single.ha3. crazy huh? its pretty great if u think deep though.

p/s- im not gonna tell who is Ms. SIBHI is.

12 Spits On My Face:

enyheartsdiamond said...

omg!besnya da ada backup plan..

habes sp nk backup eny???:)

*nice header dude!

hannah joe said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
hannah joe said...

tell me who ms.sibhi is!
OMG! my bro has a fiancee already!

eVa LoLLyTa said...

ms SIBHI = saf kew????

hannah joe said...

walaweh atin.
hang tau wohh.
baru aku perasan initials saf mcm tu.

aCe+ said...

eny- u nak jadik my back up wife gak ke? ble jew. ernir syafika, will u do me the honor of being my back up wife?

aCe+ said...

hannah joe n eva- napa korang ckp saf? initial? oo. tol gak ek.sama ja. well adakah saf ms. sibhi aku? hm.. well only time will tell.tggu r aku 39 nnt kalau aku kawin ngn ms. bishi aku gitau r sapa dia.

aCe+ said...

eny- thanx. header tu i snap pix kat tepi kuala.ahaks

not my story said...

wah wah weyh.. why nama i pulak mention ni? nah.. adam
sape babe ms sibhi,
mana spot i as your besfriend ni?
i shud have know kot abot this..

adam: *asshole* ;p

aCe+ said...

saf- amboi2. setepek jew i kena asshole ek? ala, u beshfren i mana ble i wat u back up wife i, naya r, plus, babe, really think about it, we two, both of us, tight aknot in marriage? wow! thats low blow babe!

not my story said...

hahaha... agak ar u asshole
as what u called me the either way around.. ;p

tau takpe.. world will be upside down babe.

aCe+ said...

saf- so guys, i think that clear verything up okay. saf is not ms SIBHI!

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