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May 13, 2009

Calculator Please, I Wanna Know The Exact Time Of My Death

Numbers,Numbers,Numbers, What The Hell, What The Fuck,I Know Im Beaten N Outnumbered, Cuz Its Just Aint My Luck. lets talk bout numbers shall we? even though im fucking hates calculation, since no time i guess, but still this post it need to be include with asks why! please , i just hates maths. "439.8.3512.20.19".. woo, what the hell is all this numbers mean. this aint lost Tv series okay, its numbers of my life.haha. no sweats. its actually involve with ciggys. cigarettes. well, i just realize this morning its been over a year since i started smoking. a year 2 months n 13 days to be exact. so, if we said that i spent a pack of 20 ciggys a day which i round as RM8, times the exact amount of day of me smoking which is 439 days, i'd been spending Rm3512.00 since last year just on smoking.n im only 19 years old. shocking facts? its a true story of a smokers. still, i dun wanna stop.ha3.gimme one gud reason to stop other then waste money, maybe ill consider stopping. if ur point is life treaten, dun bother, cuz i dun plan to live any other argument? speak out! i wanna hear it.ahaks.

p/s-RM3512 tu ble lepas ambik EX5 sebijik okt.ish3.adam,adam.

4 Spits On My Face:

fizah2hh said...

well if smoking u x takut harm urself...then smoking kn akan harm ppl around u..lebih2 lg orng yg dkt ngn family..n plus orng2 innocent..

aCe+ said...

fizah- well in that case, dats fine cuz theres a lot of smokers surrounding my daily life.ahaks

fizah2hh said...

owh ceh ..
i ada pnyakit x bleh kn asap rokok
mesti sakit hidung n den bersin or mayb sakit kpla.

aCe+ said...

fizah-wow! i ada kawan sorang cam u gak. so for her sake, i dun smoke when shes around!

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