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May 12, 2009

Wanna Bet?

Yup! I am ManU holligans. i am a fans of manchester united football team. n this season is gonna be a double champs title again. u guys thinks liverpool can manage to steal EPL cup away from ManU? think again? they dun even have the guts n skills to do it! all the can wishes for is ManU lost a again, trust me theres no hoping n lucks n football okay. liverpool only can dream of it. a struggle EPL match upcoming is only against Arsenal, which is not that itimidating cuz Arsenal just lost to chelsea man, 3-1 so u think its gonna be a probs to ManU to kick the Gunners ass? piece a cake! Champs League? cmon! its only Barcelona standing in ManU ways from grapping the cup for the second straight time1 whats Barca have that ManU dun? they only have the speed n sprint.thats all. henry, e'too n messi? not a probs at all! Vidic n Ferdinand is the one that gonna make their goal scoring opportunities a waste! plus, ManU have the best forward n midfielder that gonna create a goal. no credit to dimitar barbetov, he sucks! it is a waste of 30mil buying him. he just screwing ManU formation.Tevez is far far better than him. dun sell tevez Ferguson, its a big damn mistakes! waits for champs league man! Giggs gonna hold high the cup once again!

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