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May 14, 2009

Happily Ever After

One Silly Nite, I Was Driving My Ride Through The Dark Roads, Without Any Lights Along The Way. To Be Honest I Dun Really Know Where Im Heading To. I Just Drive, Drive, n Drive. After A While, I Stopped My Ride In Front Of A House Full Of Guests.Its More Like A Party, Type? I Dunno. I Walked Out The Car, Crashing The Party, Im Not Even Sure Whether I Am Invited Or Not, i Dun Really Give A Damn. As I Entered The Houses, I Realized. There Are Some Familiar Faces But I Cant Recall Their Names. One Of Them Smile At Me, I Just Walked Away From It Leaving That Guys Confused On His Own. I Take A Drink, Im Not Even Sure Whats The Drink Was, I Just Drank It.I Seated At A Corner of The Tippies, Away From The Crowd, Lighting Up My Ciggys, Looking Up To The Sky Trying To Get Rid Of My Boredom. As My Mind Flewing Away From My Soul, Something Bring It Back. A Person.Lovely. Shes Wearing A Virgin-ly White Gown With A Stunning Hairban. With A Curlyy Hair, Nicely Comb To The Left Shoulder,Black In Colour.With A Nice Brown Shoe With A Lil SnowFlake On It.Shes Holding A Glass Of Drink. I Dun Think Shes A Malay Cuz Shes Aint That White, N Aint That Dark, Nicel Brown Just Like A Malay. I Think Shes A Mixture, Malay+Portuguese.Serani I Guess.Shes Beautiful, I'll Had To Give Creadit To That Cuz Shes Make My Heart Melt.Slowly, She Sat In Front Of Me With A Pretty Smile On Her Face, The Prettiest Smile I Ever See In My Life.As My Ciggys Still Aroung My Fingers, She Closen HerSelf. Closer n Closer. Her Face Almost Touched Mine.She Whispered Something To Me. Still, I Cant Recall What It Is. Its A Weird Awkward Moment For Awhile, Maybe Cuz Of Hers Whispered.Im Speechless. After Awhile, She Grap My Hand. She Pull Me Into The Crowd, Into The Dancing Floor n We Started To Dance. I Hate Dancing, n Thats Why Im Not Good At It. Still, She Perfectly Suited Me Up In The Dance.Its A Romantic Dance, I Dunno What They Call It. As Scouting For Girl Song's, "She's So Lovely" Played, We Still Dancing Ur Body In The Crowd. Ur Head Is So Close To. Then, She Reast Her Head On My Shoulder. I Can Smell Her Perfume, Lavender.Nice! Shes Just Like A Lil Kitten Whom Want Some Attention n want Some Love. Its Her Lucky Nite, Im All Hers. Suddenly Out Of No Way, She Pushed Me.She Cried. Her Tears Almost Ruined Her Lovely Cute Face. Then Shes Run Away.Away From Me.Far Far Away. I Was Stunned For Awhile.Maybe Its Cuz We Dun Fit Together, Thats Why Shes Run,Thats What Crossed My Mind. But Then, I Realized, Why Dun We Just Give It A Try, We'll Never Know Whats Up In The Future. Thats When I Decide To Chase Her. I Run To Find Her. It Take All A Lot Me, Trying To Find Her. After A Few Hours Of Searching, I Found Her. Still The Same, Still In The White Gown, Cutely.She Sat Down In Some Dark Alley, Alone.She Looked Up N Saw Me. Suprisingly She Didnt Run Away.She Stayed. I Can Still Saw Tears On her Face.I Slowly Walked, Closer n Closer. i Stoodstill In Front Of Her. Waiting For Her Next Move. Shes Just Freezed Over. I Have To Make A Move. I Slowly Put My Both Hand On Her Shoulder. I Sat Down. Facing Her Cute Face. Looking Through Her Eyes. I Can See The Sincerity,The Love Flame, The Adrenalim Pumping. After Staring Each Other For A While, We Hugged. I Whispered Something To Her. I Can Still Remembered The Exact Words That Come Out My Mouth. "I Love You". We Stare Each Other Again For Another Time. This Time I Realized, She Watching My Lips So I Stare Hers Too. Her Lip Look So Soft, Flaming Red. Then after Awhile Of Waits, WE KISSED!

p/s-That Was My Dream Last Nite! Nice isnt It? If That Girl Really Exist, I Really Really Want To See Her, I Can Still Remember How Shes Look Like..

6 Spits On My Face:

not my story said...

whoa babe..
did i miss anything here?

aCe+ said...

nope! u baca sampai abih ke x? its a dream babe! sweet damn beautifool dream! ahaks!

not my story said...

hahaha.. i nampak kiss tu yang i terus tya sape u..
my bad..
sape la the gal in the dream tu hah


aCe+ said...

saf- dunno! but i still remember how she look like babe! seriesly.

ima@lemontea said...

dasyat mimpi ko!!!
wish ko jmpa ar girl 2..

aCe+ said...

xpayah.dia xpenting. sbb org len yg ada hati aku

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