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He Walk Among Us, But He's Not One Of Us

May 3, 2009

There Always Something Differents Going Wrong

a Lost Cause? Nope. Im Not A Hero.
a Pain In The Ass? Words Out Im Sorf Of A Hero.
am I Tired Of Being Weak? A Such Rage That I Couldnt Scream
am I Choking To Breathe? But It Wash Away Impurities
theres No Sense In Finding Me? A Wisdom Of Fool Wont Get You Free

2 Spits On My Face:

nadhirah said...

Ace, mane yang lebih palat?
nak tanya palat tu ape? dekat dgn vote corner

I x tahu pun word tu.

aCe+ said...

nadhsamuel- ahaks. jap ek nk carik word yg seswai utk palat. hm... palat tu kira teruk r. yg sial pun ble kena gak meaning dia

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