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He Walk Among Us, But He's Not One Of Us

May 5, 2009

God Does Not Play Dice With The Universe

Well, Its True Izni. i Guess Everything Is Mean To Happen Is Just Not As What We Want Or Less Expected. Rite? Plus, Who R We To Questioned The Divine Power? Who R We Wanted To Change The Destiny? Or The Real Question That We Should Ask Oneself Is, Are We Really That Worthy To Ask For Anything Despite All The Wrong Doing We Chaos Around? Maybe We Do Deserve All The Bad Luck? Nevertheless, Still We A Normal, We Aint Apes. We Have Feeling. Anger, Frustration n Whats Worst Is The Feelong Of Giving Up In Life. Thats Us. One Pathetic Loser. Or Is Not? Its Not Our Right To Make That Call.Its The Higher Authorities. Lets Just Hope Were Good Enough To Make It Through.

4 Spits On My Face:

nadhirah said...

macam kenal ayat entry nih..pernah bace dalam majalah.

aCe+ said...

yaka? u comment dr blogger kat entry sblom ni. chop2. u mean title or entry?

nadhirah said...

Title la..Bukan content..

aCe+ said...

onadhsamuel- ooo.. title tu copy dr comment entry sblom ni.

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