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May 4, 2009

Im Nuetered Am I?

remember the old aCe+? the one that crapping n shitting bout all his perspective bout how pathetic life is, bout how this world can be so wrong, using fucked up words, never give a damn bout anything, ready to face to world, ready to write anything without censoring anything n dont give a damn bout what others might say, remember him? god i miss him so much though. where is that dude? is it this blog have been control by someone else? nah! Adam Ar-Rashid is still running this blog, but why in the blue hell his writing lately get all jiwang2, mushy2 crazy2, why man? wheres the real aCe+? what happened to him? well, i guess this time i had to admit, im been nuetered a lil bit. well, im just a normal human being i have feeling, i do wanna feel da love.. well, but now im back! the old me is back! the real aCe+ is back! the badass is back! no more declawed home cat that live in the zoo, i am back in the, fierce, aggresive n ready to take over the world. no wonder my hairstyle havent change.. wait for it, there plenty more to show. wiat till im out of this stuck up cage, once im out, the real one will be reborn.. dun worry, ill change my blog 360, trust me!

p/s- remember before this i talked bout making a changes, well i am changing. changing to the old me!

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