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February 6, 2009

Vote Anarchy..Its Simpler

im not a big fans of politics..seriesly..before this i got ZERO knowledge bout politics.but after i take Diploma in Public Admin aka DPA which require us to study political science(which i find ridicilous cuz in admin line why the hell should me study political science?? (once i asked my lec but she/he gave me an un-understandable answer)..if anyone asked me bout politics or government, i'll alway say i chose anarchy..simple.done..cuz i do believe that every indivduals need n have to lead n rock on their on life, not any fucking representative..but, for sure there will be chaos everywhere, which i dunno how to handle but still i vote for anarchy.
but when im in position of leading, i prefer using autocracy or even dictatorship, cuz its simple.democracy only create chaos n unstability in authority.but i rarely not used autocracy in my leadership style more to autodemocracy.which in some situation i just used autocracy when i noe its gonna lead to chaos or many people tend to voice out a lot, but not all the time..i oftenly use demo.ask my frens if u dun believe me(DPA3d-the class that i represented).well, its working well for me, i mean my leading, i dun think i gonna change that..cuz we cant be to autocracy cuz its create tension in the air, n we cant u too many, its what best for me, n a lot easier..
as what happening in peraka administration, i had my own POV.i think BN(ruling party of the country but oppistion in perak) is one of the hell fucking party..cuz its not rite, what they r doing rite an MB of the state(still) Datuk Seri Ir. Mohammad Nizar have the rite to do what he had done.its a fair decision..n the sultan had no power, at all to against the decision.well as Saf said, sultan is just a puppet in the admin, doesnt matter if he agree on or not..even in parliament as Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim can somehow(which i doubt, not his ability but the atmosphere of the government) pulled it off n gained support from any BN MP members to join PR(Pakatan Rakyat) n win the majority, Pak Lah can do the same as well as what datuk nizar had done, n YDPA cant hold him, why the hell they(BN) disagree on it n simple bulid up a new government? thats is not rite? thats what i learn in political science as the government point it out as our study plan..they teach me this knowledge(eventhough i hate politics) still they dun practise any of the stuff by the book, so why bother teaching us all this stuff? u guys the politicians, government or oppistion none of u guys practice it..its kinda ashamed,but this are the poeple that represent our rite in the parliament.this is the gang of people that holds our future..just remember guys, i mean all politicians, according to history the Portuguese are bale to take over Mela ka cuz there are many internal factor,which is the weakness of the admin..dun let the people, us pay price but u guys are the one who destroy it in the first not pro-government im not pro-oppostion, im nuetral, really..i hate politics, thats fact but i have to keep tracks of what happening in that area cuz its my future on the line,which u guys never thought bout cuz u guys a selfish bastards that only think for urself, not the people.
p/s- i still hate politics till now, n still voting for anarchy!!!

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N said...

hehe,wrote this after u read my post ker? XP True,people in politics are a disgrace..they take every bit of opportunity they seen and use them for their own selfish needs.

aCe+ said...

nope.i wanna write this since monday.but, i got dragged.he3..gud point though

Dearie Pearls said...


..Aku setuju!

aCe+ said...

rekha- mmg pun kan..suma xble pakai pny actually..kerajaan ke pembangkang ke sama ja

nadia. said...

wow political thoughts.
interesting read.

aCe+ said...

nadia- well, my first political post.first out of 150..he3

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