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February 4, 2009

If U Afraid To Fall Hard, Don't Fly Too High

sumtimes in life, we make a harsh decision in risky situation by taking the risk without thinking twice.n when it comes to pay the consequences, most of us fail n hardly get bax on ur feet n chose to stay down, defeated..why? cmon guys..get up n fight.we'll been in that situation anyhow just in different verse n another story to tell.but somehow, if we choose to get up on our feet, we'll make a better come bax, in a fresh face,newlyfix n ready to roll.thats the spirits guys.never give up, never surrender.take another shot of the bullets of pain, but this time learn to dodge.learn to fire back, make them pay, make them learn to respect us..this is the story of ur life, not their's.make it ours.ya, some might say easy to say,hard to walk it..but if we guts out, nothing can stand on our way.walk in proud n confidence, nothing cant bax us down simple, only if we let it happen.what ever it is, its a beauty of living, winning n loosing, defeated n defeating, crying n laughing, walking tall n beaten any phase of life, we'll be in either one.just remember, as long as we guts out we'll alway be in the positive one, its juts something life is unfai n we lost but if we believe in urself, the next round will be on our side, definitely..
p/s-Life To Be Enjoy, Not Wasted, again..

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