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February 10, 2009

I Dont Know Though

Everything Is not As It Seem.its hard to deny but its the is the fact tha wont change, unless we learn to accept it.if that, its gonna be a lot easy wont be any more pain in the ass.the moment we learn to accept, we can open up for forgiveness.forgive n forget..thats what people alway say, mostly on the side whom making the mistakes or mess.well, it both two different thing.forgiving doesnt mean we r forgetting what had happen.bad memory is hard to takes time.a lot.give it some.if we are on the other side, the side of wrong doing, dun push it to hard.let time does it magic on the wounded heart.of cos, scar remain but it wont inch just gonna be there, maybe forever as a reminder for the people whom been hurt, n the side of hurt doing.reminder that gonna tick when crisis be careful.ya thats silly mistakes, we pay teh price for ur entire sucks, but reality.but worst of all, the perception of people.ya some of us might say that we r strong, we can handle all the bullshit-ing people talk bout, but deep inside we noe, we r lying.mostly to hurt, a lot..but we choose to be strong..sir Nash was rite..reality is nothing, perception is everything.

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...please where can I buy a unicorn?

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