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September 10, 2008

Q & A

wats ur name?
Adam Ar-Rashid Bin Mohamad Rasdi

what ur nick?
+aCe+ a.k.a aCe+

wtas it is mean?
+bukak kamus tgk maksud dia+

fav food?
+my mum cooking.. da besh food in da world+

fav band?
+a lot.. lets just name da top 5 ok?
1)Linkin Park
2)sum 41
3)My chemical romance
4)billy talent
5)blink 182(angels and airwaves n +44)+

fav clothes line?
+A.L.I (action ladfigure inC)+

fav colour?
+black n white(y?? bcuz its opposite and clise')+

+Myself.. dun ask!!!!..ever...+

who u love da most. ur mummy or abah?
+honestly, my mummy bcuz im a son not daughter+

interest in?
+1)money 2)money 3)a lot a lot of MONEY+

dream job?
+engineer, lawyer, prime minister, king of the world, otromen batman, kluang man u name it. i used to want to be everyone+

sumthing u would like to achieve?
+a trophy of my own. i never have one+

what will u do if u noe dat u will die tommorrow?
+i dun noe...+

whos u wanna date?
+hm.. sticky one.. maybe ******..hahahaha+

unachieved dream?
+iu want to tarvel around da world.. hope its not to late+

future plan b4 turn 30?
+have a job dat will give me good paycheck dat can maek me live in a proper life, support my family, start my own kopitiam business, own a house and car them get married+

r u gay?

in realitionship?
+kinda hard to explain.. maybe yes, maybe no+

why's dat?
+cinta tidak akan wujud jika hanya bertepuk sebelah tgn.. aku k yg bertepuk 2? hm...+

p.o.v about love?
+love is subjective and unpredictitable.. love can bring u to da place dat u'll never imagine.. love will make u do sumthing stupid sometimes cross da line, but u wont cares becuz u willing to loose everything just for will make u strong n sometimes fragile.. love is not crazy, person in it is a killing machine.. it will kill u, slowly or da fastest way dat u never imagine.last but not least, LOVE is LOVE+

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