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September 10, 2008

bout me

well2.. bout me? what im gonna say bout myself.. not much i guess. i not dat kind of person dat self-proclaimed myself. i always let people around me, people dat noe me(even not fully) to tell more bout it..its maybe klise' but i like it dat way.. i dun wanna people think dat im kinda person dat look high to myself(eventhough we should). yet again, yy should i care.. who cares?(one of my buddy azam fav line).. i dun give a damn about people thought.. hey, im sharing.. dats good.hahaha.. back to dat issue, im kinda person dat dun care bout wat poeple think, i just do might get me into trouble sometime but who cares..i dun..once, few month back i made dis mohawk hairstyles, almost everyone said its sucks, i just go on with it u noe y, cuz i dun give a damn.. i a straight edge kinda person..hmm.. wat else? err, for ur info, im kinda art person, i wrote poem, play, lyriC even hates letters(dats happened when im in primary skool, i'll talk bout it later)... hm.. its really not fitting with my rough personality but AGAIN, who cares?!!!!.. i love myself, n i will live it anyway i want it.hmm... my fens used to make fun of it but i dun care.. its bout my princuples of life.. i have 3 of it.. first the most important of all "English is my Passion, Malay its my liFe".. i mean in life i alway look up for english, i love studying it, n i believe it will make ur life easier n help u get trough all da probs in life but again malays cultures will alway be da stone of the road but its not gonna stop me.. sometimes in life we have to make a choice and stand and live wif it..i might bite u back in ur ass, but u just have to stand me!! i noe how its feel like.. i apart of me.. im mixture-malay chinese. dats will alway haunt me for the rest of my life, but im cool wif it.. well, my second principles its "Dont hunt what U cant Kill, Dun Kill what u Cant Have".. it means u mess wif someone that u can fight, n dun kill a chance for everyone else if u can get dat chances.. for example u try to hit a girl n she reject u, dun kills any other guys opportunities just bcuz u cant have her.. that suck!!! really really damn fucking suck!!!! hm.. ok ok.. third n my last principle is "He who laugh last, laugh loudest".. hm i dun think i have to explain dis rite. just understnd it ur self.. ok lah, i gonna continued wif my prison break.. hehe.. its wanna of my fav TV show, wanna noe what my top 1 fav? hm.. maybe next time.. ok, chow.. peace in, roX out.. so long n gudnite

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