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He Walk Among Us, But He's Not One Of Us

September 10, 2008

Who Am I

Who Am I
I am what I am
I love who ever I am

I can be sun that shine up the world
I can’t be bought and I can’t be sold
I light up everyone life when they’re in pressure cold
But sometimes I’m overheat, as far as I’ve been told

I am hard and stubborn same as solid rock
But I just don’t care as far as everyone hear my thought

Sometimes I just like Jack Bauer in TV series call 24
Because I’ve been push to do something more
Or I considered myself as Micheal Scofield in Prison Break
I’m sagacious and my intelligent is not a fake

I’m not Superman, not Dark Knight either
Sometimes I make mistakes, I’m sorry I’m not a life saver
My decision will cost something, but I’m a believer
I always put everyone else first in list, ever and ever

I’m a student as long as I breathe
For me everything is knowledge even if it just a simple kiss
I’m a lover, I love everyone around me
But sometimes love blind me and s can’t really see

I am what I am
I love who ever I am

dis poem actually had its own story.. i wrote it bcuz our BEL lecturer assign us to do a poem ... she actually already give us a poem " I am A Bird" quite a good poem.. so she wanted us to do a poem dat represent aourself with sumthing.. but instict i wrote a poem entitled who i am and she loved my class mate luv it too.. all of them vote for excellent for dis poem.. n my group aa a;ways follow wat ever i did. meor, ajam n saf, thanx guy for giving me an opportunities to write again.. dia poem is also da reason i start writing poem again.. i stopped for almost a year.. thanx guys.. hehehe

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