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He Walk Among Us, But He's Not One Of Us

June 9, 2012

Theon Greyjoy War Cry

You Hear That? That's The Mating Call Of The Northmen. They Want To Fuck Us. Well, I Haven't Had A Good Fuck In Weeks. I'm Ready For One. They Said Every Ironborn Man Is Worth A Dozen From The Mainland. You Think They're Right? WE DIE TODAY BROTHERS! We Die Bleeding From 100 Wounds, With Arrows On Our Necks And Spears In Our Guts, But Our War Cries Will Echo Through Eternity. They Will Sing About The Battle Of Winterfell Until The Iron Islands Have Slipped Beneath The Waves. Every Man, Women And Childs Will Know Who We Were And How Long We Stood. Ironborn Warriors Will Cry Out Our Names As They Leap Onto The Shores Of Seagard And Faircastle. Mothers Will Name Their Son For Us. Girls Will Think Of Us With The Lovers Inside Them. Ad Whoever Kills That Fucking Hornblower Will Stand In Bronze Above The Shores Of Pyke. What Is Dead May Never Die!

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