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June 20, 2012

Brotherhood Without Manners

I Swear My Fealty To The Brotherhood Without Manners.

I Will Take No Law,
I Will Take No Love,
I Will Take No Honor,
I Will Take No Progeny,
I Will Take No Duty.

Hear My Words And Take My Vow
There Will Be No Peace,
There Will Be No Harmony,
There Will Be No Forgive,
There Will Be No Forget.

Hear My Oath And Take My Pledge
As Long As I Live,
As Long As I Stay,
I Am The Sword of The Might,
I Am The Shield of The Brave.

I Am A Brotherhood Without Manners
There Will Be No Mercy
Only Curse And Hell Lie Upon
As For I Am An Outcast
As For I Am A Pariah
As For I Am The Darkness In The Form Of Light
As For I Am The Devil Of The Night.

There Is No Home There Is No Place
 Even At The End Of The World
They Can Hear My Cry
As They Can Sense My Wrath.

I Am A Brotherhood Without Manners
I Am The Brotherhood Without Honor
This I Swear This I Concord.
As Long As I Live As Long As I Breath
This I Swear This I Concord.

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