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April 7, 2012

Sometimes Emo Tells A Better Broken Heart Story

Flying High Always Seem Cool if You're Careless. The Truth Is It's The Most Painful Thing When You Drop Down And There's No Solid Ground. No! Scratch That! The Most Painful Thing Would Be Experiencing The Fall And Survived! If You're Die From The Fall, At Least Your Misery Had Reach Its End. If You Survive, Well You're Lived Up The Rest Of Your Pathetic Little Life As A Cripple, A Broken Things, A Unwanted Bastard, and Yet Again There's Nothing You Can Do About It. I Guess That Life. It Make Your Wonder, Why You Choose To Take The Flight To The Blue Sky In The First Place. Just Saying.

Believe It or Not, This Is Actually A Love Story.

p/s-The Girl Who Stole My Heart, The One That Got Away.

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