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He Walk Among Us, But He's Not One Of Us

March 31, 2012

"Its Like If I Told You That You Can Sit Anywhere Except For This Chair"- Ted Mosby

"You Don't Know What You Got Till Its Gone"..

I Guess Is More Like A Slapped To My Face Since I Don't Really Believe This Words. The Same Rules Apply When Someone You Like Is Been Approach By Someone(Its Even Worst When Its Your Friend That Make The Move), While You Have The Whole Time Before To Do So, But Did Nothing. Why? Yes I Admit, I'm Being A Coward To Make My Move, But Experience Taught Me A Lot. Grabbing Things That I Want Always Resulted A Pain In My Ass. So Yes, I Chose To Sit Quietly In the Corner, Letting Her Vulnerable For The World To Have A Go At Her. Maybe Its Better That Way Since I Just Like To Fantasize About Happiness Instead Of Making It Happen For Real. One Thing About Fantasy Is That You Can Always Snapped Back Into Reality When Things Gone Wrong, But In Reality, What Ever Happened, Happened. Yes, That's The Chance That I'm Not Willing To Take. So, Here I Am, Wishing That He Will Never Win Him Over, Wishing Upon The Airplane To Grant My Wish. Silly? Yes, But Its Save, And I Like To Play It Save. Broken Heart Do Not Suit Me Well

p/s- Hey Bro, Get Your Hand Off My "Girl"

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