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January 30, 2011

Lady In Pink, You Make Me Smile Today On Shitty Day

As I Ride Home Today, I Saw Her. Cute As Ever, Nicely Wore Matching Pink Outfit From Top To The Ground. Nay, Let Me Make A Correction Here. Its Not When I Ride Home That I Saw Her, I Saw Her Right On Time When I'm About To Close My House's Gate. At That Time, I Was Biting My Keys, And I Saw Her. She Look Back And Smiled. Believe Me Folks, Its The Cutest Smile I Ever Saw And She Smile At Me Like She Know Me, Like She Know That I'm Having A Really Bad Day I Could Need Something To Cheer On, And She Did That. It Does Cross My Mind That I Would Want To See Her Again In Near Future. As Lucky As I Am, Near Future For Me Today Aint Needing Me To Wait To Long. Later On Tonight, I Went Out Of My House For My Regular After-Meal Smoke And Guess What, I Saw Her Again. But She Was Walking Straight To The Dark Alley. I Am Definitely Sure That Is Her, Judging From Her Outfit Which I Saw Earlier. Without A Doubt, I Run Towards The Dark Alley To Find Her. But I Guess My Luck Just Run Out Cause I Could Not Find Her. It Seems Like She's Just Disspear Into Thin Air. I Do Shocked At That Moment. Maybe She's Aint A Real Person, Maybe She's A Fairy Or Even Better An Angel, Cause She Does Look Like One. Sorry, It All The Theories Seem Shits, Cause I Just Finish True Blood Season 3 Marathon And In That Series, There's A Ton Of Supernatural Things, Maybe I Just Caught Up In The Idea But One Thing For Sure. I Do Know That Lady In Pink Is Real, And I Really Wanna Meet Her Again, Cause I Wanna Thanks Her For Making Me Smile On A Shitty Day. LADY IN PINK, THANK YOU!

2 Spits On My Face:

not my story said...

you can easily be melt by a sweet smile from a girl :)

aCe+ said...

amboi2. bestie sorang ni pangkah nmpk. hahaa

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