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January 27, 2011

Attitude Adjustment For An Asshole

If John Cena see me, i guest he'll give me a hell of Attitude Adjustment on a freaking table. Why? Because I have one of the worst kind of attitude which people tense to see it as ruthless,hard-ass and unacceptable. Yeah, attitude. Its how you brought ur self for the world to view and judge. Care less or more, people will alway judge you for what you are. They view you and once they already label you as one of the kind that have unacceptable attitude, you are out of the nice guys turf and you will alway be society reject.

One other thing, the words that come out from your bloody mouth are considered as you in person, more or less, your attitude. If you are one of the type of cursing one, or maybe cursing have become your way to say hello, people will definitely negatively brace you as one of the badass that don't belong or fit in well in pure hearted society. You stand alone afterward. All the slide look and pushed out the way is what coming for you ahead, so stay sharp.
To all badass, dirty mouthful out there, no sweats, I am here for you. I don't give a shit about public acceptance, i don't give a fuck about well behave, I don't give a crap about how people publicly view me as, as for that I just be who ever I decide to be. Despite all the hateful thought, I still manage to fit in, I still make a lot of friend. I still survive in the judgemental thinking of society. How did I do it? By showing them that I am not a lost cause, I am not a negative influencer, I am Me.Because some people, they don't follow society invicible rules of judgement, they accept people just the way they are, they thrive me for being myself and for that, i fit in just well. Just be yourself.
p/s- If Mr.Anderson were able to snatch TNA World Hevyweight Championship, and his an asshole, and people still accept him just the way he is then we all are doing just fine.

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Sharifah Aishah said...

u r what u r adam...! just be yourself regardless of what!

aCe+ said...

tengkiu aishah

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