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January 1, 2010

2010 & I, We Doesn't Have A Good Start

years come n go, we remain here. the same. nothing change actually, only the feeling in ur heart. a feeling that boost us to try to be someone else just because a new year have approach. but yet again, until the end of the new year n when a new new year arrive, we are still the same. the same person, the same idiot, the same mess up dud. resolution? its just a excuse people make to keep themself happy for a while, for a day, on 1st january. cuz when 31st december arrive, still we r the same except a year older. so why bother living the fantasy of ur own creation, a fantasy which we make to believe its so true but when reality strike, we realize, we are exactly alike.go take a look in the mirror of urself now, as on 1st january, look closely n deeply, n wait till 31st december, look again. are we so different after a year past by. minus the outlook appearance, look inside the heart n soul of urself. if we really have a change, then we stood on solid ground of reality. if doesnt, wake up! STOP DREAMING! nuff said, happy new year!

p/s- somesay 2012 is the judgement day, which mean theres 2 years left. are we prepared?

2 Spits On My Face:

enyheartsdiamond said... gona be 22 which is tua-tua dlmpelat kanak2..haha

aCe+ said...

ahaks, just 22 babe, still young n kicking lor..

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