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December 28, 2009

Jangan Baca Kalau Anda Seorang Perempuan

If some ask for an advice or piece of mind rite now bout love the only think i can say is Love is full of hatred, heart broken shits, messed up emotion. its truth n im speaking from personal life experience. they say in love, u need to be confidence, the who u are, self aware, n just go with ur feeling. but when u do so, theres alway consequences n price need to be pay. high price. because when u do be confidence n be urself n express ur truth feeling bout her face to face, teh common answer u gonna get is this, "kita baru ja kenal, kita ambil masa dulu utk kenal hati budi masing2,give space to each other" n then they will giv e some shits bout praising ur saying taht u r "cute,simple,handsome, happy go lucky" just to make us to chase them more. but heres the deal, it all aint true n its all just a bunch of lies. all the gurl just wanna keep u chasing them making them feel hot or famous, but honestly they dun even want to be with us, they just palying with us. the real situation is that the gurl already have somebody else in their heart, waiting for that asshole to be with her. in time of the waits, their plays us to make their life aint so bored n doom. think ur self as a safety net to this kind of gurl, cuz if their dream boy reject them hardly, they still have us as second choice. thats all we will ever be, a safety net. nonetheless. so mr.H thats my asnwer n i hope its satisfy u. remember, love aint so beautiful.

u better off being single. its for the besh. really!


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enyheartsdiamond said...

ouhhh..some girls mmg mcm me :(

bcos..i ve been hurted so many times. before..this time..ive to b aware of em~ takes time to get in a relationship :(

its oke..we're still young..we deserve da life adam!!!be happy!

not my story said...

i c now the result babe.. hey cheer up k?

Anonymous said...

Hi !

I can help you to get up and turn you into the case of zero to hero in love and dating.

For free. But you need to put in the effort. And I'll guarantee you the result.

Anonymous said...

ad0yai..mmg tanak , dh terbaca gak pe bley bwt..
kui3.. no c0mment.. =p

aCe+ said...

eny-sory if this post kinda hurt feeling. its just from my own perspective though. thats how i see things. i kinda swamp when it come to love because the same situation occur again n again just different in person of the situation... its just that if they dun wan to be with, just said so, directly, dun play with ur heart. boys r also can hurt it just we choose not to show it off to teh world

aCe+ said...

saf- yeah, u know already aite. gud thing. babe, i jus decided, i wanna stay single, no more lovey dovey, no more mushy2, no more angel angel. this time, im fucking serious!

aCe+ said...

ahmadfadli- thanx!

aCe+ said...

anonymous- thanx for reading! appreciate it. its just my own opinion. thats all. never cross my mind to insult anyone

Unknown said...

adoyai a.adam anonymous tu hjar la..ghee~

aCe+ said...

hajar- hekeleh, yg wat anon tu napa?

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