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November 14, 2009

We Are The WORST, But STill We Are The BEST

this is a public declaration!
to whom may concerns, the students, the lecturers (which effect maybe), whomever who got a probs with, let me tell u something..

DPA4D( or soon to be DPA5D next sem) aint just a simple class. we r worst, in any kind of perspective, we r bad in attitude, i dun change just because someone ask us to, we dun follow the rules as stated cuz to us, rules are made to be broke, we dun give a shit bout what people say or think bout us, we just roll the way we like, n if u got a probs with that, take it to the complaint area which in this case, is the freaking big damn dustbin. this is DPA4D. this is us, WE ARE THE WORST, BUT STILL WE ARE THE BEST! got a probs? u cna kiss u big damn ass gudbye cuz we dun give a shits.

wanan talk but publicly covered nice behaviour? shitshead! we dun need any hipocrite or plastic symdrome in ur clas. we love all of our clasmates just the way they r. who cares is there are soemtimes over the line a bit, cua we all are. we are porn shits, we are loudmouth, we r crap- in-the-mouth type of guys an girls, we dun censored a bit in our speaking n we dun care. thats just who we r. DPA4D is free wothout any bond to bare with. deal with that. whoever got a probs, take it to the street, we'll sure be there cuz we never back down either.

again, this is a reminder, DPA4D is the way we r.

2 Spits On My Face:

Anonymous said...

yeah...stiap klas unik..
kelas aku terkenal dgn skema..hahaha

aCe+ said...

edy- yaka skema?

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