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November 12, 2009

Center Of Attention

have u ever, sat down with some of ur peeps n asked them about their opinion bout u? asked them to be really damn honest, dun hide any fact at all bout urself even a bad one. i did! most of the time i done it. why? cuz i dun really know myself that gud. i did that not bcuz i matter their opinion, just to know myself a bit closer. yeah, sometimes i do get bad respo but still at least i noe i can stil improve myself. but from time to time, one of the common response i get is, "ang menonjol, evn bukan ang sendri yg suka tonjolkan diri ang tapi ang ada aura yg menonjolkan".. lets face the fatc. maybe its truth. i do get attention a lot. trust me, i didnt ask for it, im not the type of person who crying out loud to let people know their existence, seriesly im not that. i just dun no why. take my acc164 clas fro example. im not originally from that 3B class, but still my lec notice me n label me "cikgu" cuz from her POV i love to teach others, especially my peeps. the fact whcih hidden is, im not the one who r teaching, its totally opposite that. its mayb elook like im teaching others bout the subject, but the truth is im asking them to teach me. i ask a bunch of people.

let take another example. last smester, stil accounting clas, i was tumaping-ing in part 3 clas last sem. wanna know what happen in my first clas. well as usualy, at the starting of new semester, lec will alway ask us to introduce urself in front of the clas. in i was selected first. well, skip the intro. teh lec then asked me bout my opinion bout accounting. i said straightly, I HATE IT! I DONT LIKE ACCOUNTiNG. ten, several other student did the same. some give a same answer as me, taht they laso hate accounting. well, then come the highlight. one gurl, standing in front of the class, introducing herself n said teh same, that she hate accounting too. then out of nowhere, she said, "i hate accounting just like ADAM".. well, the there bunch of her frens that said that they hate teh subject to, but still im the point of attention to be an example of. eventhough im a newbie in that clas, n its my first time being in that class, but she seems like to knwo me well enough to make me as an exmaple. frankly, at that time, i dun even know that gurl (of cos later i eventually know her, she is Fatin Kecik from DPA3C)..

well, what else can i say. i dont choose to be the center of attention, but somehow somewhere i will alway attract attention to myself, even if im just being plainly silence.maybe theres a magnet in me, which make me attention center. hm.. i guess it just something i have to live with, eventhough i kinda hate it, i sometimes like to be invincible where know one know me, but it seems impossible. but others, i like it too. cuz i make me have a lot of frens. rite?

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