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September 22, 2009

I Was Born Normal But Education Spoils Me

frankly, me n both of my sis's, we bond to each other. we love each other. we cared for each other.we willing to die for one another. eventhough im the only boy in da family n sometimes i cant really catch up with all the tudung,make-up,baju2 conversation but still im trying to fill myself into the conversation even sometimes i realy dunno WTF they r talking bout. thats the story of my sis's n me-hawa,adam n hajar. the triple threats. no one can defeat us if we bond n complete each other. but still, a lil jealousy rise when i look to some of the siblings in the world who i think is far far better in relation among them rather then us. its not that i dun love my sis or what, its just im jealous looking at some of other siblings. but if i look the other side, i saw a worst kind of siblings n im grateful to have both of my sis's as my sis's.

since we re kids, we played along together with all the neighbors in our neighborhood. each day, each evening, its a playground of us. but that was secondary skool moment. as we growth older, my sis was the one who stepping out. starting whne we in form 1 she ou of the house n study in hostel. a year later, i follow her lead but in difference skool. few year after that, my lil sis take a step in aborad skool.since then, everything changed. i dun have a lot of time to see each other. only on weekends or sometime on big holiday only. the stuff goes on till now. im big sis shes in UIAM, Gombak, me im in UiTM Kedah, my lil sis still in form 4 as a SOKSEK student. so, we rarely see each other. only a few times on the weekend that we luckily to be home at the same time. if not we only see each other on big holiday. u noe what is sucks! it sucks a lot!

my mum used to say this when i asked her- "bukan x rindu bila hampa suma pi blajaq n xdak kat umah slalu, tapi demi pelajaran mummy terpaksa la berkorban".. u noe what, yes we do gain some knowledge from studying is so called "skolah berasrama or skolah berasrama penuh", i learn how to survive on ur own, we learn to communicate well among people, we learn how to live life, we learn the hardest of falldown, we learn the sweet damn thing about achieving something good, but theres a price to pay man. u dun have enough time to spent with our love one, not the lovely duvey boyfriends or girlfriends but the real love one our beloved family. imagine, since 2001, all three of us never spent time together at ur home more than 3month together. not as much as we spent when we were young. thats sucks! yes education is good, better education have a price come along with! but time has flied by, theres nothing to fixed on that matter anymore. im just glad that all thi sucky education stuff never ever effect my relation with my siblings. n i love them till death!

4 Spits On My Face:

ziqzulkifli said...

sgt setuju..
gosh...since form1 dah duduk ostel, suma nak kena independent..
and most important, da relationship dgn me, kita lebih byk masa dgn kwn bnding dgn mcm susah je nak get close tu coz lbh sng dgn kwn2...

nak salahkan siapa??huhu..

aCe+ said...

ziq- salah siapa? ntah la. xta wnak blame sapa

Sharifah Aishah said...

siblings power!

aCe+ said...

sha-sibling rocks!

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