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December 21, 2008


i noe..i should noe better..

"dont judge a book just by its cover"
"dont judge a thesis just by its title"
"dont make a judgement call"

but still, i made one..sorry dude..i still new with this is hard for me accept it? its might take deal with it? i takes a lot of me..god, i wish i didnt told me..god, i wish im not busy-fucking-body enough to ask u..gimme some time please..dont let this matter ruin our frenship..we had a long run..nobody, i mean nobody, go through together what we'd been through..we been to hell n i will make this out.just gimme some time..its really got into me,okay..but seriesly, thanks for being honest with me..thats ean a lot..i guess u owe me this time huh? hahaha..okay2..that all i need to say..

+my frens admit he's gay..+

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blitzizni said...

dun cal. let he confes to u. or if u juz cant. ask him in private. try not to lose ur cool.

hannah joe said...

adakah anda yang digemarinya?
orang sume buat silap dik.
mmg payah nak lari dr tu..
mmg kite patot judge btol2..
tp..kdg2... keadaan mengaburi mata kita.

Dearie Pearls said...

Juz bling2 in d mornin..
but stay cool man..

aCe+ said...

izn-babe dia dah confess r..tu yg wat i terkejut cool dun worry...thanx

aCe+ said...

hannah-joe-hahaha.persoalan tuh adik xble nk jawap..maybe yes kowt..he3..

aCe+ said...

rekha- pagi td try bling benda stil dlm pala otak..still trying to improve it..he3

nadhirah said...

huhu..kawan i pown ramai gay, its ok..

aCe+ said...

well, i never had a gay bro before so i think its kinda weird(so no sexes..ha3)..but stil we're good

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