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December 26, 2008

Lonely Soul On Christmas Nite

it may had saoud weird but its true..there lonely people on holiday season..i guess we can consider urself lucky because when holiday stop by, ur family are all here..having dinner together, chitchat n changing story of ourself..for now, i seems to not appreciate any of that but wait.the moment we lost it all, we gonna miss it all eventhough before this we might kinda hate it..i learned this last nite..cuz i dun celebrate christmas(literally..) so i spent my christmas nite hanged out at a beach..all by myself..just wanna calm my self out, relax n chill..out of nowhere i saw on gurl sitting on her car cried out silly but tried to covered it..i braved myself to go near her n asked her whats up babe..seriesly i said suprised me that she went all out..i thought at first shes gonna chased me away or turned her face around but intsead she shared it all.bout how lonely she is rite now bcause she have to spent her christmas nite here all alone without her family(all in sabah rite now)..all she had rite now its the receipt form CIMB bank that written "extra 20" which is her christmas present from her my mind, that should cheer up moment if its was me, but shes different..all she want is to be with her family celebrating christmas together n blah2..i she said that now she really appreciated her family cuz they are far far away rite, here we go guys..lesson of the day..go figure..

p/s-to prove myself that i wanna stay single rite now, i didnt hit on that phone no, no name, nothing..i mean cmon, rite..shes alone, vunerable,sad n so on i can catch her in just a fingertip, but i didnt just to prove my point so dun ever doubt me again okay, asshole..

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BabyJane[The Juliet] said...

thnks for the comment..i link ur blog in my blog

aCe+ said...

ok.. i link yours too.

Dearie Pearls said...

caya ler aCe+..

aCe+ said...

rekha-thanx..btw, merry christmas

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