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He Walk Among Us, But He's Not One Of Us

October 16, 2008


Unspoken love needs the truth to be revealed,
The truth needs a helping hand from the heart that unsealed
Heart of misery only bring the harm of emotion
Twisted emotion contribute to physical inducement

Somehow affection comes by and we click
The theme song of our love, flyleaf- I’m So sick
Enthusiast of you the reason I feel special
Remoteness between us likes comparison of sand and pearl
But, you had your chance and you blow it off
Second time seems impossible because my heart ain’t soft
Silly, my love for you won’t just fade away
“We are just best friend”, that’s what I choose to say

The present, the replacement, the new face of worship
Just when everything seem right, here come relationship
Time been pushed, feeling determined too soon now it’s done already
Patience could saved it all from the dark love valley
Just friend maybe that what we should be
But I were greedy, “couple-ing” pressure blind me
Still, I don’t want to let you go that simple
Ego hold me back, make me stuck in “Cinta” vessel

The choice that I will make may hurt you both
But still, it’s have to be made even though it’s gross
One is the only number normal heart should hold
But I want you both, secrets that I keep in deep deep cold.

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