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December 6, 2008

What The Hell Was That??

seriesly, what the hell? whes relly into me..i noe it becuz i can feel it..its all bout insticnt..n my lil' heart said that shes into me..n shes kinda sweet, caring, SINGLE (this one is for sure), cute sepet eyes n well dress, open minded n many more great qualities.. why on earth did i ditched her away..practically Crystal helped out on to inroduce me to her..we hang out n we click on many differents level..shes oepn with my smoking probs.. but the most important things SHES INTO ME.. n shes ask me go on the a movie,just two of us..single guy n gurl going out on the weekend..perfect timing to get hit..why? why? why? why im blur,stupid enuff,mangkuk enuff, bangang enuff to said that.. when she asked me out, why i said "sorry im taken".. im totally fucking single..i can date anyone..why did i said that?


u miss that shot adam..u really miss the shot..shes really wants u..its shows..she looked very suprise n dissapointed when u said so screw this time..opportuniy like like wont swing by easy..Crystal clearly wont help me again on mactthing me with anyone again..silly move.

4 Spits On My Face:

Dearie Pearls said...

terlepas kali nie..
next time jgn lepaskan.. hehe..

aCe+ said...

2la..xpa2..xdak rezeki nk wat cmna ek kn..

fara aqma ghani said...

love2 go away,come again another day,
nyanyi la macam mane suke...
bukn rezeki kot.

aCe+ said...

farah aqma-ya rite..bukan rezeki kita xdpt r kan.maybe kat org len kot

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