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November 13, 2008

slow talk wif my knuckles buddy

well thanx Saf..
for the soft talk dat we had this evening..
it really means a lot to me..
well, for ur info i xpenah reveal myself that much to anybody before..
u r the first to get to noe the real me..
the old me..
the rebelish,anger,hot tempered, short fuse and suma yg berkaitan ngn nya..
i thanx for open up ur self to me to..
now i can noe u more..
n i think ur frenship is getting stonger n ever..
thanx for beinng there for me..
dgq i merapu2 ttg idup i..
thanx for the support..
n dun worry, im gonna be there for u to..
no matter what..
because u r one n only
knuckles buddy dat i have..
dat signature knuckles is only for u..
specially hand gestures made for u..
sorry, for us..
no one can have dat..
ist our signature move..
thanx babe..
for being my frens..
u a true frens..
thanx Safena Izfazura Haji Ishak..

2 Spits On My Face:

Mr DeVil said...

wow.. beshnya entry nih.. sedey aku baca.. saf tu beshfren ko ke?

aCe+ said...

beshfren? well boley kira besfren clap, mmg beshfren pun

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