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November 15, 2008

About Me That u Might Wanna Know

one think about me dat havent change since i was a little kid.. if i dun nothing wrong, till the end of time i will say


because why should i confess bout sumthing dat i didnt do?
yup, dats just the way i am..

once, i have i fight wif my mother..
i think im in form 4 or 5..
my mummy accuse to dat i smoke..
cita dia camni, mummy jumpa puntung rokok kat blakang umah n tuduh i smoke
at that time i didnt..
so i did not confess o her bcuz i didnt do it..
we had a hell of a fight but i kept dening bcuz it is the truth bcuz i didnt smoke..
well, at the end my mummy gave up bcuz shes tired..
and we didnt talk for about a week bcuz of that..
but i just so stubborn dat time bcuz i no im on the right side..
in the end after a few month, finally my mum found out dat the real person is my neighbour's son..
dia yang sial gila babi isap rokok pastu buang puntung rokok dlm kwsn umah aku..
so, dat it.. the truth had been reveal.. im not the one who did it, and at the end my mum finally trust me.. n she said she had trust me a few month back when i said dat i didnt bcuz she can see into my eye n she noe dat i didnt lied..
so the moral of my story is, if i didnt noe sumthing which is wrong till my final breathe i WILL NOT confess.. so, if anybody, i mean ANYBODY acuse me doing sumthing dat i didnt n then u hope i confess,


u can do anthing,
u can torture,
u can say anything,
u can put me aside,
u can do anything.
the fact wont change..
i i didnt do it, i will not confess.
not in a million years
not in anytime around,
not in another life


2 Spits On My Face:

Mr DeVil said...

em,ang ni ssuai jd agen sulit r,kna torture cmna pn klu tol ang wt slah ang ngaku x?or ang akn tpu hbs-hbsn gak?tp cm2 r smua org,xwt slah wtpa nk ngaku kan..

aCe+ said...

hm.. agak tough r soalan tuh..well, kalu aku wat salah yg hanya menyusahkan diri aku xinvolve org laen or salah yg memalukan or mangaibkan maybe aku akn denied kalu salah yg involve org len aku akn mengaku..seriously..

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