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He Walk Among Us, But He's Not One Of Us

May 1, 2013

Mirror Mirror On The Wall Who's The Filthiest Among Us All?

Hey, You Can Act All Tough But Your Words Are See Through. You Said You Will Burn The House Down But You Can't Even Lit The Match. Parading To The Preachers That You The Kind Of Bringing Nuclear Bomb To Fist Fight, Killing All Innocent And Sacrificing Yourself For The Ounce of Recognition That You Are A Man Of Your Own Words. Who Are You Kidding? When The Smoke Clear, Yet There You Are Standing By Yourself Regretting All Your Past Sins But Do Nothing To Perfect Yourself. Your Action Never Speaks Louder To No Words, Only A Menagerie Of Misery On The Stage Of Deception.  Screaming Your Lung Out At The Edge Of World's Corner Where No One Will Ever Hear Your Silent Cry, Just The Way You Like It. You Want People To Believe That You The One Of The Kind, The Savior Of The Light, But You Do Wrong As Easy As You Write A Sweet Poem. Who Are You Kidding? Maybe People Did See Right Through Your Lies, But Turned Away Anyhow Because To Them, You Don't Matter. Just Another Pariah Trying To Fit In, Thriving In His Own Fantasy Yet So Far For Reality. A Typical Loser Who Living His Pathetic Life Trying To Gain Courtesy, Yet Easily Break Like A Crush Melon On Sunny Day. "Time Will Heal The Pain But The Scars Remain". Keep Telling Yourself That, As It Ring Truth To No One, Except The Demon That Lies Within, Calling All The Shots And Making All The Moves As He Reign Control As The One Puppet-Master. As Tough As It Comes, Life Is A Bitch! So What? Need Somebody To Hold Your Hair While You Puke You Heart, Sissy? Doesn't Matter, The End Is Here. See That You Never Miss The Ride Because There's No One Better To Enjoy The Scenery Of Losing Hope Than Yourself. Confused? It's Just A State Of Mind. There's Nothing In The End, Only A Flashback Of Destruction That Once You Enjoyed So Fucking Much! Just One Thing, Make Sure You Do Go Out With A Bang!

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