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February 14, 2012

Journal Of A Bastard

Dear Diary,

Cripple, Bastard And Broken Is My Middle Name

Not A Gentle Stuffed Animal, Or Circus Freak Well-Tamed

I Am A Smug That Shoot For The Skies But Have A Terrible Aim

And Once I Fire, Words Wrongly Pronounce, Things Shatters, And It’ll Never Be The Same

Dear Diary,

Say What You Want As I Am Cold-Hearted

My Action Reflects Otherwise As I Am Hard-Headed

Pouring Out All Wrong Things That Shouldn’t Be Heard

Forgiveness Hard To Come By When All The Mistakes Had Absurd

Flawed Acts Are Just Another Killjoys Play In My Creed

As I Am A Man Of Many Words But A Man Of Few Deeds

A Sour Apple From A Beautiful Tree, But The Blame Is Not On The Seed

Maybe Someday I’ll Embrace Before Death Comes Knocking And Say Its Greet

Full Of Hatred, That’s How I Live, As Time Passed By

Flashing Back Into Bitter Memories And Still Couldn’t Find Any Goodness Cries

All I Ever Did Find Was Crimes That Went Profoundly Unconfessed

Call Me A Pariah, Call Me An Asshole, Yes, All I Am Was A Mess

Dear Diary,

Maybe Someday The Table Will Turn And I’ll Be A Changed Man

None Of That Will Become Reality As Long As My Heart Still Full Of Sands

Sands That I’d Collect As Simple Dust, One For Every Sin

Till Then, I’ll Held My Head High, Enduring This Awful Pain

Perhaps I Am Forever Destined To Be An Unwanted Bastard

A Man With Ni Real Riddance, Only Life Full Of Curse

Payback Is A Bitch, What Goes Around Often Come Back To Hunt

Soul-Searching In My Life Had Always Been A Case Of Low And Grunt

Will The Day Ever Gonna Come For Me To Turn My Fortune?

Never I Guess As My Soul Still Fuel On Dark Black Fumes

Fumes That Darkens My Heart For It Is A Fuel Of My Survival

As I Am Still Hook On It, I’ll Never Reach The Point Of My Gracious Revival.

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