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July 2, 2011

You're A Broken Machine


"You here to analyze me , doc?
fix me up before I go back to the animal factory?
ask me some probing questions?
find out how I go tick-tock?"

"You wanna know if I kill with ease because my daddy raped his
retarded sister , and I got spit out slightly more useful than
the afterbirth?"

"Or maybe I didn't make captain of the gridiron gang
never had a cherry valance of my own."

"Or maybe cause of the bookworm queens, who later grow up to be PHMD's
stared down their noses at me so much I thought the sun was a big , old

"Or maybe it's cause when I watch a man die at my hand,I finally feel
Theodore Bagwell matters more than all those gnat's asses in the world!"

"Because I know, dear kind doctor, in that moment nothing matters more
in that soon-to-be-dead man's eyes than I!"

"Because I!, I am his gatekeeper to life or death."

Is it that menagerie of misery that make me so special a case study, doc?
is it?"

Lloyd Lowery:

"You know it's not Theodore."

"When we started this case I thought i was going to get some great insight
into why you are the way you are,"

"A look into a complex psyche,
a glimpse into the neurological map of a madman, that could show some light
on some bigger truths, that could maybe help other sick people one day."

"As I got up-close and personal with you and your handiwork, I found a truth."

"It was a small one , though."

"As unexciting as it may sound, some machines just come out the factory broken."



"No Shit."

p/s-Theodore "T-Bag" Bagwell. Total Killed-31 People. A Genius,A Madman, A Creative Killer.A Broken Machine.

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