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September 23, 2011

Hey Little devil, Hear My Confession!

I Thought That I'm A Slow Starter. The One Type The Chill In The Back Observing Things Before Make Any Move. Trust Me, The Usual Me Just Dive In The Pool Without Even Thinking Twice. Now, I'm Kinda Like Slowing My Pace In Everything And Let Everything Seems Clear And Okay Before I Make My Move. I Guess I Am Nervous At Some Point Regarding The Situation. Not Shaking-My-Leg Nervous But Nervous Of Making Anymore Silly Mistakes That I Ended Up Wishing I Never Done. Well, Maybe What They Said Is Truth, People Changes As Age Keeping Up. Well, I Still Believe In The Concept Where Age Is Still Just A Number But I Just Realise That I Am Moving Up Alongside My Age. Maybe It's A Good Thing. Do I Really Want To Be Just The Same As I Am Before In The Future? Even I Don't Believe That. Or Is It Maybe I'm Just Not Ready To Face All The Changes, To Face The Facts That I Am Growing Up from Teenager To An Adult. They Said "21 Forever" But I Guess I Hate That Stupid Idea. I Don't Wanna Stay 21 Forever, It Just Seems Silly. Everbody Gotta Grow Up Sometimes, Even When They Don't Want It, They're Just Scare To Face The New Phase Of Life. Well, I Gotta Say, Bring In On LIFE!

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