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July 20, 2011

CM Punk- This Fire Still Burn

From ECW reject to WWE champion, that's what can be concluded as CM Punk WWE career. Despite the tactical errors, Money In The Bank 2011 main event is indeed one of the best match ever. The match itself is legendary, the controversy around the championship created weeks before was epic, and the ending was magnificient. On Raw, WWE try to pick up whats left off from CM Punk action, but truthfully, I already miss CM Punk y'all. I disagree with his statement, whereby he claimed that he is the best wrestling in the world, but I do think he is one of a kind. There's only one CM Punk, and no one can become him.

So, what now? some might wondering. People are anxious to know what to become off WWE championship and the stand of Vince Mcmahon, but I can say that there's one person that won't be to anxious is CM Punk himself. He is now relaxing at home, watching Cub's game while Raw was on air. Damn. Thats beautiful life dude. Well, I gotta say, WWE landscape won't be the same after this, thanks to Punk.

p/s- This Fire Is Indeed Still Burn.. hahaha

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