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May 3, 2011

Osama Bin Laden- The World Is A Better Place Without Him

Its definitely a busy day for every news servantsin the world. As the world learned by now, the news strike early today claimed that, the fearless leader of Al-Qaeda network, Osama Bin Laden is now K.I.A in Pakistan. It hits the news pretty damn big, everyone no matter where they are, effected by this news. Even some teacher in U.S finally shaved his more-than-10-years-old beard as the result of this pleasant/unpleasant news. But the interesting news, hit the net again, when someone claimed that the whole thing is a hoax. Claiming that Osama death is just another propaganda by the western to show the whole world that they are indeed fearsome, they are truly the "Police of the world". So, the remaining question lay, "Is It True that America's Public Enemies Number One Is Dead?

As for me, I rather choose either whether to believe that Osama had finally been gunned down or even If he is still alive and kicking. The truth is, I do agree with our prime minister, Najib when he said that, "The World Is A Better Place Without Him". It is though. Osama is without a doubt a disgrace of Muslim. He is Indeed a terrorist. I know I am not a good or excellent example of Muslim myself but I do know one thing, killing is not what Allah s.w.t approve to be done. Yes, Osama is a killer. It doesn't matter if he is killing non-muslim, killing is still a bad deeds in our account. And yet, he claimed that Killing is appoved by the All Mighty? Yes, he is Muslim, so we shouldn't take joy in his death but he is not an purely hearted man with beard. He is the bad example of Muslim, he is on of the reason why people around the world hate Islam to begin with. People viewed Islam as terrorists, as cold-hearted killer because the action taken by Osama and his die-hard followers. We, the innoncence Muslims,paying the price for all the hatred of the world as by some action done by them. So tell me again, why should I feel sorry for him? The truth is, I really do not know whether he is still walking the Earth or ended been shot down, but I do know one thing, Osama is a terrorist who claimed killing as a rightful choice, and thats is just wrong.

Again, "The World Is A Better Place Without Him"

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