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April 14, 2011

Edge Retired- So Long Rated R Superstar!

When I head about it, to be frank and completely honest, yeah I was in shocked. I really cannot believe it. Edge was gonna retired from wrestling industry? You gotta be kidding me right? That's what first struck my mind. Then I search it all, find out all I can to verify the news, I was starting to adapt and realise that yeah, it is time for Edge. Who can blame him? The guy honestly been to hell and back every single time. As I recall, he got an injury more than any present Wrestler that step into WWE ring nowaday (except for all the legend such as The Undertaker). But do remember, everytime he made a comeback, he will shock the world!

Hate him, love him, despise him, he is who he is. The tag line for himself said it all, "Do You Thing You Know Me?", that's Adam Copeland, that's Edge. I do believe him when he said that if he can, he'll do it all over again in a heart beat. But it's not up to him, his body cannot take it any longer. It is time for him. It's better this way, for the least. If not, it could take his life if he's continue. Plus, as for a fan of him, I think he has done it all through out his career. From championship to Slammy, he won it all.

Rated R Superstar, The Ultimate Opportunist, The Master Of Manipulator, Mr. Money In The Bank. Edge goes with many names, as by the name, he build himself to keep being the nickname the he was labelled with. Rated R Superstar? Who will forget the sex celebration he and Lita have on Raw a few years ago. The Ultimate Opportunist? Edge the most person that i could remember that cash in the money in the bank and steal away title from others. Edge without a doubt a trend setter. He is the first to be the one who cash in the money in bank in suprise, and since then, everybody does is, and it what make the Money In The Bank what it is today. That, prove that Edge is the only person deserve to be called, Mr. Money In The Bank.

Edge, who are without doubt my favourite wrestler of all time. It doesn't matter if who played face or villain, who still are my idol in wrestling. Retiring as 11 times World champion, thats something to be proud of. Edge is indeed some, I do mean some, of the superstar that could hold the World title in double number. The other Wrestler that ever done it, the only that I can think of is Ric Flair (16 times) and Triple H (13 times). Edge, you are among the legend. Truthfully, you do earned it. You earned my respect. You earned everybody else's. Seriously I dunno how I'm gonna keep on watching WWE Smackdown after this because the Rated R Superstar is no longer in it. DAMN!

p/s- Christian will continue Edge "Legacy", trust me!

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