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February 27, 2011

Death Is Certain, But Its Hour Is Not

A Single Walk In The Dark Valley,
It May Seem Simple But It Is Certain,
While Some Still Questions It As Maybe,
Many Have Went Through And Become The Fallen

Questioning The Higher-Up Power Seem Approachable
But Yet A Few Survived The Wrath Of Undeniable
Fight It All Against Odds, Some Thought They Were Able
Because In The End, Death Is Not Something Questionable

As Quoted By Joseph Stalin, "Death Is A Solutions To All Problems"
As Influential As Himself, His Words Ain't That Firm
Because What Matter The Most Is Not Death Itself
It's The Timing And The Last Moment Of The Last Breathe

If A Person Spent Too Much Time Thinking About Death
They Surely Will Loose It Along With Their Sanity
Death Ain't Certain, If Some Came Along With Blind Faith
It Ain't Beautiful, It Ain't Mutual, But It Is What Been Called Vanity

People Fear Death, They're Inhumane If They Don't
But Avoindance Of Thought That's What People Been Fought
To Be Thinking About Death Alone, It's Chill In The Bone
Because In The End, Death Is Certain, But Its Hour Is Not

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